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Mr. Alfred Elliott,
Founder / President and Managing Partner

Mr. Elliott began Hyperion Solutions Group, LLC in order to provide an alternative approach to government, commercial and international contracting among small businesses.  He has led successful Federal contracting efforts ranging in size from $200k to over $15 million. He has successfully run more than a dozen Federal Contracts as both Prime and subcontractor. .

  • Commercial and Federal Programs

  • Retired Intel Officer with 30 years of service

  • 19+ years of corporate experience (corporate officer in small and mid-sized businesses)

  • Experienced business developer and proposal manager

  • Military Intelligence Hall of Fame Inductee – 2003

  • Honorary Colonel of the Army Military Intelligence Regiment – 2012


Mr. Jasey B. Briley,
Vice President

Mr. Briley is a senior global defense industry executive and international broker with business development responsibilities leading a dynamic and innovative organization that is committed to progressive and enduring success. He has developed business partnership with billion dollar corporations such as Exelis and Harris.

  • Global defense industry executive and international broker

  • Retired Intel Officer with 31 years of service

  • Served 3 years as a member of the White House Communications Office Staff

  • Founder JBB, Inc.

  • Manages and directs international program support


Mr. Foster P. Payne II,
Vice President

Mr. Payne is a senior defense industry executive with thirty-six years of experience in the Department of Defense and Private Industry Sectors. He is a visionary with strong leadership, management and strategic planning skills. He has corporate experience with a fortune two-hundred fifty company and several small businesses where he served a Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

  • Defense & Intelligence Programs

  • Retired Intel Officer with 30 years of service

  • Served in Office of Congressional Legislative Liaison

  • 10+ years experience in federal contracting

  • Corporate Experience (COO – GRS, VP BD – SAIC / Thermopylae)

  • Active relationships with members of OCLL and Congressional Staffers

  • Active contacts in the foreign liaison community

The best executive is the one who has the sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.
— President Theodore Roosevelt

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